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Who comes first in a woman’s life?

Uhnn..Whayasay? LOL

Movie Review : Omotola Ekeinde's Epic Come Back "Alter Ego''

First of, You guys know how much i love Omotola Jalade Ekeinde?? 😅 right..So I was really excited to watch this and dissect for y'all..
So after 3 years Omotola made a huge comeback with Moses Inwang's movie 'Alter Ego' which premiered on july 21 and is still very much showing in cinemas across Nigeria, i finally got to watch it yesterday and i was really really impressed..


Do you have any Philips product? If you do you’re in luck because you can win N100,000 worth of Philips products in the#PhilipsThroughYourLife campaign!
All you have to do is make a video with the Philips product(s) you have, show how you use it and say why you like it to win! Here are the 3 easy steps to follow and get on your way to winning: Show us how you use your Philips products by posting a video on Instagram with the hashtag#PhilipsThroughYourLifeYou must follow @philipsnigeria on InstagramYou must mention @philipsnigeria on your Instagram post

What I Feel About Toke Makinwa's "Controversial Whatsapp Statement'

Media personality Toke Makinwa isn't my favourite Celebrity but i love and admire her relentless spirit, with that being said...Earlier this week Toke posted her weekly vlog where she talked about 'Whatsapp calls in a relationship' ,if you havent watched it Click Here..So well as per normal that statement sent some people to a frenzy mode.Lol.

18 Everyday Struggles That Are Just Too Real For Tall Guys

They say being tall is great. But things are never as great as they seem. You might seem to be the luckiest one to your vertically challenged friends, and most of them are pretty enamored by your height to notice the struggles you I face almost every day. Life is definitely not easy for us, and i totally get that! so today let’s discuss some tall guy problems!..Shall we?? Hehehe

Win 1 Million Naira In The McVitie’s Digestive Promo | How To Win

The McVitie’s Digestive brand has enjoyed a lot of consumer love and support for over 12 decades across the globe, including in Nigeria.
They have therefore decided to commemorate this great milestone by rewarding the very people who have made the McVitie’s Digestive brand story a successful one.
In the mood of the celebration, Pladis launched a massive promotional campaign to celebrate the 125th year anniversary of its famously known and loved The Original McVitie’s Digestive biscuits.

Oldie but Goodie: 10 Nigerian Albums You Enjoyed

I was watching something on YouTube and came across some old songs. I still had the lyrics stuck in my head so I got to doing a little research. What were your favorite albums before 2010? I’m technically working with 2006-2010 here, so we remain on the same page. When I think of more, maybe I’lldo another post..Meanwhile enjoy these;

Today I Shall Love Myself

How many negative thoughts have you had about yourself today? 

Five? Ten? More?

Maybe your day looks something like this:

You wake up and grumble at the readout on the bathroom scale, blaming your inability to maintain any semblance of self-control when it comes to eating out. At work a friend compliments you on your weightloss/big sale/promotion, but instead of saying "Thank You", you shift the credit to "Black really is slimming"/"Ah, that guy was gonna bite anyway"/"Right place, right time". After work, you hit the gym, but instead of thinking about how much progress you've made, you watch everyone else and think how much stronger/slimmer/more flexible they are. You fall asleep thinking about what mistakes you made  and what might go wrong tomorrow.