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Beyond The Flash..😑😑

*Strolls in*...(Fixes artificial British accent) So basically yea, Like i said earlier i have returned to Blogspot with the hope of getting my own domain and being hosted,all this blogspot theme and plenty drama is just tiring,Incase anyone knows a cheaper hosting site,kindly leave a comment..Thanks..(Removes British accent, i can't come and die😊.)..
2 years gone, beyond the flash, recession,floods(Lol) and Drama ,I am here, back,blessed,reloaded and ready to shoot *No pun intended*....I got  quite number of messages when i stopped blogging in 2015 and i didn't bother responding because i didnt have a good reply,i don't still have a good reply.....Things happened....I mean sh*t happens everyday right?? I wasn't in a good position,i wasn't ready for what was ahead or rather i was scared of what the future holds..Damn all the consequences...........

I had over 500k pageviews immediately i stopped blogging which i did for 6months,and in the space of 2 years i got ad…

Starting A New Phase

Hello, This is Molokwu Ebuka Peter (Well, known as PETER and hell no,that isn't me up.↑ )
As Y'all know i was on two years ago but i took a break due to some stuffs, well i am back Fully (winks) but i changed my URL to a custom made URL so if you were following that old one sorry you would have to change it but my data are safe as i still have over 800k pageviews..And i am not ready to share this one yet as work is still ongoing on this site.
This marks a new beginning in my life as a new phase unfolds...More details about this will be posted soon..Stay tuned and God bless.
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Update: I'm back to