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Movie Review : Omotola Ekeinde's Epic Come Back "Alter Ego''

First of, You guys know how much i love Omotola Jalade Ekeinde?? 😅 right..So i may be a little sentimental in my review.Lol Bear with me.
So after 3 years Omotola made a huge comeback with Moses Inwang's movie 'Alter Ego' which premiered on july 21 and is still very much showing in cinemas across Nigeria, i finally got to watch it yesterday and i was really really impressed..
Alter Ego" follows the story of Adaora Igwe (Omotola Jalade), a lawyer who specializes in defending less privileged sexually abused victims. She uses unorthodox methods to see that sex offenders and molesters are punished in or outside of the court.
Adaora’s devotion to rape cases is driven by her experience as a child. She was sexually abused by her teacher and has since then dealt with uncontrollable sexual urges.
Her obsession with sex make her sleeps with her employees, including her gardener and driver. She also has a sexual relationship with her brother -in-law, Daniel (Kunle Remi). In her moments of guilt and resolution, she fires those employees.

 Now What i liked about the movie: 
1. The general message ; Rape is a topic that we Nigerians don't take seriously, Its really annoying that the Nigerian culture/Educational system doesn’t do more to educate men and protect women from experiencing this awful thing.
2. Acting: Now this is one thing i always look for in any movie, Omotola was on her A game, the notorious sex scenes were so believable. Overall acting was decent but some characters would have done more and Mehn! Wale Ojo ,his place as an A-list actor is unquestionable. He is simply the George Clooney of Nollywood. His diction, poise and acting skills are top-notch.
3. Production Clarity ;  I have go give it to the production team, the streets,courtroom, houses were so beautiful and clear.Gosh!
 4. Sex Scenes : Ada igwe ( Omotola ) couldn't just keep her legs together. Lol. The sex scenes weren't so believable but it was enough to tell you that most of Omotola's sex patners were totally nude. Kunle Remi had to show off his Butt.
5. Short and Direct:  This isnt like your normal alaba movies where a scene is being prolonged for 15minutes.Alter Ego was just direct ,no excess scenes..
And the proposal scenes was everything.
.Related image
What could have improved;
Almost every scene looked like it was being rushed , i feel like Omotola's character would have been developed a lil bit and that of her sister, i was expecting some flashback of when Omotola was sexually molested in school by her teacher .
And it got the end and i was literally confused on what was happening, how did Kunle Remi and omotola's wife find out where she was and the gunshot..I laughed out loud.
Also the Toyota SUV used by Ada(Omotola) in the movie has a registration plate bearing the Nigerian Police Force.Wierd!
 Alter ego was impressive and different,it was about RAPE which is a serious issue in Africa and the world at large. Kudos to Omosexy, Wale Ojo (I have always loved him), Madam Kofo, Kunle Remi and Moses Inwang.
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  1. I would definately have to go and watch today or tomorrow

    1. You sure would enjoy it..Don't say i didnt warn you about the end


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