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Uhmnn! Can Wizkid Actually Win A Grammy?

                                Oh my gosh! i laughed out my ass reading people's Wizkid Win A Grammy? has actually be trending on twitter since afternoon,his fans are concerned if he is ever going to win a grammy..Pardon me to laugh again...Hhahahahhahahhahhahah...*Maintain ya self peter*.So most of Wizkid's fan actually said he will never win unless patience jonathan knows how to speak english.*dreadfun right*..enough talk people read some hilarious comments after the cut and give me your candid opinion....................

                                   Haba small small now!.lol

                                                                                                                                         Sisi caro?


  1. Peter i know say you no like wizkid but must bring that hear just for your readers to insult him.

    1. Is that you wizkid jumping form blog to blog commenting?

  2. he can never win until patience win a nobel or dbanj win an oscar.


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