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Former X Factor judge Tulisa 'punched celebrity blogger she claimed was stalking her in attack at V Festival'.

Contostavlos appeared under her real name, Tula Contostavlos, at Chelmsford MagistratesÂż Court this morning where she faces a charge of assault                                                                                                                                                                                  Former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos punched a celebrity blogger who she claimed was stalking her in an 'out-of-control' attack at the V Festival, a court heard.
The 25-year-old pop star is said to have hit showbiz blogger Savvas Morgan in the face at the event in Chelmsford, Essex.
Contostavlos appeared under her real name, Tula Contostavlos, at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court this morning where she faces a charge of assault.
The court heard Contostavlos, who pleaded not guilty to the charge at an earlier hearing, rowed with Mr Morgan at the close of the festival last summer.
Contostavlos is said to have punched showbiz blogger Savvas Morgan (pictured outside court today) in the face at the festival in Chelmsford, EssexContostavlos sat in the centre of the court alongside her personal assistant Gareth Varey (left) who has pleaded not guilty to harassment of Mr Morgan
It emerged during the proceedings there was a long history of tension between the two after Mr Morgan used his website to publish a sex tape involving the singer.

Contostavlos sat in the centre of the court alongside her personal assistant Gareth Varey, 28, from London, who has pleaded not guilty to harassment of Mr Morgan.

The court heard during a heated confrontation before the alleged assault, she told the celebrity blogger she was 'worth £10m pounds' and that she knew 'gangsters and people from the streets' as they clashed in the early hours of the morning on August 18 last year.

Contostavlos, her entourage and Mr Morgan - who runs a celeb website - were walking towards the VIP camping area when the alleged assault happened at about 12.30am.

Taking to the stand to give evidence today Mr Morgan said Tulisa was 'behaving very aggressively' in the moments before the incident.

Mr Morgan said: 'Tulisa pushed Gareth away and told him not to get involved. She said "I will handle this".

The arguing went 'back and forth' in the moments before Contostavlos is said to have struck.

Mr Morgan added: 'Gareth tried to hit me and then someone pulled him away. I turned and he was on the floor. I don’t know what happened and then as I looked, there was more and more people running towards me and just coming at me and then she hit me.'

Matthew McNiff, prosecuting, said: 'Who is "she?"'

Mr Morgan answered: 'Tulisa Contostavlos.'When asked 'where were you hit?' Mr Morgan used his hand to point to his left eye socket.

Mr Morgan said she hit him in the face after 'swinging both arms' towards him.

A friend of Tulisa’s, Jaqueline Moore, then ran towards the melee but slipped and was knocked unconscious in the fall, distracting Contostavlos and her 'entourage', the court heard.

Mr Morgan told the court the alleged attack left him with a 'puffy, swollen eye' and he contacted police to report the incident.Mr Morgan told the court three newspapers had contacted him for information about the story but he denied accusations that he was trying the profit from the drama.

He said in the build-up the one-time N-Dubz member was, 'was just being really aggressive and saying "this is the end of the journey", "stop following me", "stop stalking me".

'I just remember her repeatedly saying "this is the end of the journey".'She was saying it aggressively. I told her "I am not coming with you, I have no intention of coming with you, I am not trying to get on your tour bus",' he added.

Mr Morgan, who says he is friends with various pop stars including Rita Ora and X Factor contestant Misha B, said before the alleged attack there had been tensions throughout the day at the festival.

He said: 'There was just general whispering by both of the accused. It made me feel uncomfortable throughout the day.'
Contostavlos sat in the centre of the court alongside her personal assistant Gareth Varey (left) who has pleaded not guilty to harassment of Mr Morgan
Contostavlos sat in the centre of the court alongside her personal assistant Gareth Varey (left) who has pleaded not guilty to harassment of Mr Morgan
The pair first saw each other in the Mahiki nightclub tent during the afternoon and then saw each other in and around the festival throughout the day although there was no direct conversation until the alleged attack, the court heard.
The court heard that Contostavlos asked for security staff to eject Mr Morgan from the tent, leaving him 'embarrassed' according to a text he sent to a friend.
Mr Morgan was accused by Jeremy Dein QC of 'stalking' the one-time X Factor star and 'manipulating the facts' of the case and 'making up' evidence.

The court heard Mr Morgan had been responsible for republishing footage of a sex tape involving Contostavlos leading to hundreds of comments on his website which attracted around 150,000 followers in 2012.

His website featured comments from commentators saying 'thoroughly obnoxious and defamatory' insults towards Contostavlos but Mr Morgan said he was originally unaware of the abusive comments.

He claimed the video was removed from his website four hours after it had been posted, but the court heard he was the recipient of a High Court order banning him from publishing the footage.

He said: 'I simply directed people to the website where I got it from.'
He added: 'It was nothing personal against Tulisa.'
Mr McNiff said Contostavlos's defence was that she had been careful to keep her arms behind her back, and someone else assaulted Mr Morgan.
Mr Morgan said he had never been accused of stalking anyone else in the business.The singer, who gave the same London address as Varey to the court, faces up to six months in prison if found guilty at the end of the trial which is listed for three days.
Moore, 39, from Manchester, admitted being involved in the incident.
Before the start of the trial today she pleaded guilty to a public order offence and was hit with a £130 fine and ordered to pay costs of £450 and a victim surcharge of £20.
The case against Contostavlos and Varey continues.


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