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Photo Of The Week Featuring Rochas Okorocha and Jacob Zuma

This is a picture of the newly erected statue in Imo state in honor of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma...
It is well with Gov Rochas...Lol
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The Money I Spend On Data Is Tremendous | Used 6GB In One Week

I am so ashamed of myself as I type this πŸ˜‚.Like WTH.. Y'all know how passionate I am about social media? Seen my Instagram Bio?? So it's a little understandable but of recent I have had to cut down the amount of time I  spend on YouTube and Instagram which are the real suckers of data.But recently I used 6Gb in one week, like it all went away in 7days.. Shocker!!!!

Contact Me!!!!

I know you want to..Yes! You reading this now, in case you are not following my social media handles just know you are missed a lot..
Anyways here are my Contacts;

Truth Or Dare Game Is Just for Thirsty People!!!! 😱

I'm trying so hard not to sound judgmental but I have had this topic in mind ever since I attended a friend's birthday party  some years back.I think 6 years or thereabout, I had just finished my W.A.E.C exams,by the way W.A.E.C means West Africa examination council (Basically an entrance exam) for my white folks who might not understand.
Back to the gist....

Happy International Day of the Girl |#Dayofthegirl

The International Day of the Girl was set up by the United Nations in 2011 and focuses on the girl as a child to celebrate the potential of girls across the world in the face of threats, discrimination, and the issues of their well-being.

We Should All Be Feminist? | My Lowest Experience

I know this topic has been a source of controversy for a very long time but I still think people dont know what they are fighting for.
What is Feminism: A social theory or political movement arguing that legal and social restrictions on females must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all  aspects of public and private life..

How To Keep A Man In Lagos | Guide For Dummy

I was just reading some stuffs online and I stumbled on this interesting and wierd article on "How to keep a man in lagos".Yes! Lagos,the HQ of Yoruba demonds..
So I am just going to post the article below......

Win Rides From Taxify+ Free Dinner | Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Like a Taxify ride, Nigeria’s 57th Independence day is just around the corner. We have come a long way as a country and have a lot to be proud of!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Skinny Girl In Transit Is Back

Yes!! I'm Eggzited Excited that my fav Nigerian webseries is back!! Anyone close to me knows how much I love this series,I keep going on and on about this series.. Skinny girl in transit has been on for about 2years.. I'm not really sure but it's basically about a chubby Nigerian lady who is dealing with her weight, pressure to get married,and man drama..Yes!! MAN drama.

Win Free Rides For A Month | All Expense Paid Dinner From Taxify

Happy Independence NigeriaπŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ 
In celebration of Independence Taxify is giving out free rides for a month and an all expenses paid dinner @thebackyard.lagos with a celebrity guest. To win, simply upload a video telling us what your favorite thing is about being Nigerian. Tag us and use the hashtag #TaxifyLovesNigeria..

P.S This is open for everyone and the video should be posted on Instagram..