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Saturday, 10 January 2015


This Mtn people have a way of making us subscribe for one thing or the other,its either you subscribe for news tip or sports tip without giving us any reward which  is very bad and that is why late last year i migrated to Etisalat which is the best so far. Back to the tori.....
This happened three years ago,on  a fateful day when me and my siblings got back from school,changed and was about eating,then this unexpected call came in ( i said call not message cause real MTN people dey always send message) excitedly my elder brother ran to the room to take the phone and the voice we heard was that of my brother shouting "JESUS! JESUS!!JESUS!!! mummy i just won 1million naira" ,we all ran to him and asked HOW,WHY,WHEN,WHO,WHERE.

My mum did not allow my brother finish talking and explaining what this Mtn people told him and she started singing and dancing saying God has opened doors when there was none( she never knew it wasnt a door it was a straw that wanted to suck us dry).lol.
my brother phone rang again and it was this same foolish fake MTN agents,this time they really meant business,they asked for my brother's account number he said he doesnt have and then they asked for my mum and dad account number,their atm pin,our address,date of births and a lots of idiotic questions and even told s that when we get the money we should pay our tithe.lol
that was the time my mummy sense returned (who doesn't like money) she shouted at my brother not to send anything o,she started asking my brother if he played any game or is there any promo going on ; my brother said NO that God just decided to put smile on our face(still blindfolded with the cock and bull money).She immediately snatched the phone and called them back to play along with their game,she sent a fake acount number plus atm pin.when they realised it was fake they called back not less than 10 minutes saying we still need to sent 500,000 naira to their account ( which is like half of the money we won).for the money we won to be delievered to us.
Nah that time my mummy provoke,she started raining insults on them,they could not withstand it as they returned  their own at my mum .All i could remember was them saying " UNA WON WIN MONEY WEY UNA NO PLAY. SEE THEIR HEAD.UNA TOO LIKE FREE MONEY....

Abeg who no like free money?


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