• Whoop! Whoop!! 2018 is before us and i can't even describe how excited i am,the most amazing feeling ever..

  • A lot would be happening this month in terms of shopping and all and i thought to write about the best places to shop this christmas in Nigeria. Meanwhile should i continue this Blogmas series?? Let me know in the comment section. BEST PLACES TO SHOP.

  • 5 Holiday Movies Everyone Should Watch | BLOGMAS

    5 Holiday Movies Everyone Should Watch | BLOGMAS Even though it’s December, there may be a chance that you’re not feeling the holiday cheer.However, there are many activities that you can take part in order to catch the holiday spirit. And what better way to do so than to catch up on some holiday movies. So I figured, what better to share with you all than my list of the 5 holiday movies I believe everyone should watch.

How To Make a Personal Development Plan For 2018

Making a personal development plan comes down to two main things. Helping you figure out:
  • What do you want from life?
  • How will you go about achieving it?
You could certainly achieve personal development without a plan. A lot of people have.
But a plan vastly increases your chances to move towards a life that you find fulfilling and satisfying every day especially in 2018..
 Having a plan gives you:
  • A much better understanding of what you really want from life (hint: money is almost never the answer)
  • A list of specific actions you can take to advance towards your goals in life, so you never feel stuck again
  • A clear understanding of obstacles that trip up a lot of people, and how to avoid them
  • Durable growth and improvement
Sounds good? Then read on!

Noone Told Me About HBO's Insecure??

I know, i know i came very very late to the party and this is all because of my friends who have just be watching this series and kept quiet but i introduced them to all the new series i am currently watching..What should i do to them now?
 I legit was just casually scrolling through my friend's hard drive and saw it chilling like a plate of Jollof rice..Lol.

Incase you are (Sorry) where like me let me give you a quick backstory;  
 Insecure is an HBO original comedy-drama series based partially on Issa Rae's widely lauded web series Awkward Black Girl. The series premiered on October 9, 2016. The show, which was created by Rae and Larry Wilmore, premiered online on September 23, 2016, via HBO Now and HBO Go. Since its release the show has gone on to receive critical acclaim. On November 14, 2016, HBO renewed the show for a second season.[7] The second season premiered on July 23, 2017. On August 8, 2017 it was announced that the show was renewed for a third season....

Wives On Strike Revolution Review

It is hard to go wrong with a movie that is built around a social message. Especially in conservative societies where signalling is key and it is still difficult for filmmakers and journalists alike to talk about movies without mentioning the lessons viewers can take away. Award handing bodies and critics are likely to be lenient with films that come bearing messages. Better if they are topical.


Lagos Travel Bucket List | 2018

Lagos (Nigeria) is a city bustling with so much energy and vibes. Lagosians are a friendly and vibrant bunch and our energy is contagious.I have lived in Lagos for over 20+years of my life and there are places i haven't even been to ; so i'm making a bucket list of places i need to visit this year and hopefully all happens this year and if anyone is interested in going to any of the places mentioned just leave a comment..

One Of The Many Reasons i Love Opray Winfrey

Opray Winfrey/Google
Every single time this Media Mogul is given any opportunity to speak she always motivate me..Every Single time literally!!!
Yesterday at the Golden Globe awards she became the first black woman to win the Cecil.B. Demille award.
Quick backstory : Cecil Blount DeMille was an American filmmaker. Between 1914 and 1958, he made a total of 70 features, both silent and sound films. He is acknowledged as a founding father of the cinema of the United States and the most commercially successful producer-director in film history...

4 Steps To Help You Increase Your Productivity In 2018

This post will walk you through simple but effective strategies for increasing your productivity in 2018..I hope these tips would be useful ;
 Step One : Plan Your Day in Advance
At the end of each workday, or before going to bed, make a list of all the tasks which you need to achieve the next day. In other words, plan your day in advance. By doing this you’ll be making sure that each day you work on the tasks which will move you closer to achieving your goals, instead of working on the wrong things or wasting time wondering what you should be doing next.

VIDEO: How To Save For 2018 - Damie Alabi

2018 is upon us and the celebrations is still on which requires lots of spending ..
Nigerian Youtuber and Blogger Damie Alabi shares a tip on how to save money in 2018 using a piggybank , very easy and reliable!! You should definitely watch below and subscribe to her Youtube channel..

My Blogging Goals For 2018

I highly doubt I’ll be the first to say this, but I just cannot believe another year has flown by. 365 days done and dusted. I’m so very happy.

It’s safe to say 2017 was a huge year for me, literally everything in my life changed. Firstly, the people I entered 2017 with are no longer in my life (thank goodness) and the people I’m finishing 2017 with will hopefully be there forever. 2017 was the year of making friends for me, and I’m so glad I pushed myself to make the first move, strike up a conversation and bond with the people I love.


EASY STEPS To Reach Your New Year’s Goals & Perform Better In 2018

Do you want to make 2017 the best and most successful year of your life?
I want to explain what you can do to make it happen! These tips are very practical and easy to do, but they will be greatly beneficial to your success. Keep reading and I will show you how…
How Do You Make 2018 A Great Year?
The only way you can create more value for yourself in 2018 is to learn and apply new skills that allow you to get better results. Results that people will pay you more for.

1) How To Write Goals For 2018
Some people don’t know where to start and wonder how to write goals. Ask yourself this question…

“Where do I want to be in 12 months?”

Happy New Year

Whoop! Whoop!! 2018 is before us and i can't even describe how excited i am,the most amazing feeling ever..
This Year ; May light always be around you, hope always surround you. May your wounds fade out; heart embrace kindness, love and wisdom. May smile never leave your lips and a healthy glow stay on your cheeks. May all your desires turn true; This is my New Year Wish for you...
Have a Fruitful Year!!!

Christmas Giveaway!! Taxify Rides Up To 2000

Whoop!! Whoop!!! I Have a Giveaway to 5 unique Blog Readers and its a taxify ride worth over 2000 naira for your FIRST RIDE...Remember i wrote a review here so i don't really need to write down how to use the app..

Photo Gallery : How My Boxing Day Went? | EAT DRINK LAGOS

In the spirit of something unusual, i'm just going to post only photos i took until i get professional photos from the Eat Drink Lagos Team..
EAT DRINK LAGOS festival took place today at Water Corperation, Victoria Island Lagos, as the name implies there was lots of food,drinks, cooking competition by different chefs and so much more....

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EASY STEPS To Reach Your New Year’s Goals & Perform Better In 2018

Do you want to make 2017 the best and most successful year of your life? I want to explain what you can do to make it happen! These tip...

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